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A Homeowner's Guide to Tree Removal

tree removal atlanta gaIf you have trees on your property that are unhealthy, diseased, or dangerous, you should be sure to contact a tree service to schedule a tree removal right away. When a tree is no longer structurally sound, it could pose a hazard to your property and personal safety. A company offering tree removal in Atlanta will send an ISA certified arborist to assess your tree removal needs. Along with offering tree removal, many companies will also offer a tree trimming service for plants that are overgrown. To help you determine whether it is time to take down a tree on your property, here is an informative guide to the basics about tree removal.

Signs That a Tree Requires Removal

The first step of scheduling a tree removal is determining whether a tree in your yard needs to be completely taken out. Some of the signs of a dangerous tree include dead or rotting wood on the trunk or branches. Even a single dead branch can fall and cause significant damage to any people or structures in the surrounding area.

Contacting a Tree Removal Company

Once you have assessed whether you have a tree that requires removal, it will be time to contact a tree removal company. Tree removal companies specialize in the safe and effective removal of dead or damaged trees. An arborist will measure the height of the tree and figure out the safest removal method. For example, your tree removal specialist will make sure that the tree falls safely away from your home or garage.

Cleaning Up After a Tree Removal

The tree removal process does not end once the dangerous tree has been cut down. Since trees are very large and heavy, the fallen tree must be cut into smaller pieces so that it can be hauled away. Your tree removal company will perform every step of the removal process, from cutting down the tree to removing any lingering trunks, branches, or leaf debris.

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