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A Look at Some of Georgia's Most Common Tree Diseases

Consistent tree pruning and care can help keep your garden healthy, but even these measures don’t always protect a tree from disease. Because of this, it’s common for ISA certified arborists in Atlanta to get questions about tree illnesses. Continue reading to learn about some of the most common tree diseases in Georgia.

Powdery Mildew

Typically noticed late in the growing season, powdery mildew is a disease that commonly develops in hot, humid weather. This disease looks like an accumulation of white dust on the leaves of a tree. If ignored, the powdery mildew can lead to death in affected areas and result in stunted tree growth. Dogwoods and crepe myrtles that grow in areas with poor air circulation can be particularly vulnerable to this disease. If you notice a white dust-like substance or white spots on the leaves of your tree, then contact a tree service about treatment.

Black Knot

Commonly affecting purple leaf plum trees, black knot disease is usually noticed during the winter once all the leaves have fallen. Black knot manifests as abnormal bumps on a tree’s branches that typically cause them to become distorted or bent. These swellings tend to be dense and dark or black, and their size can be up to a foot in length and 2 inches in diameter. If you notice these symptoms on one of your trees, then consider contacting an ISA certified arborist.

Oak Leaf Blister

Often developing in the spring when conditions are mild, wet, and humid, oak leaf blister typically infects the leaves of oak trees when buds start to open. The symptoms of this tree disease include discolored, blister-like markings on the upper surfaces of leaves. The blisters can be as wide as half an inch, and the leaves have corresponding depressions on the lower surface of the leaf that are gray in color. All oak species are susceptible to oak leaf blister, and while the disease does not cause serious damage to trees, it can give them an unsightly appearance and may result in premature leaf drop.

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