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Bacterial Wetwood 101

Many diseases and pests can affect the health of your trees, and one problem seen by tree services and ISA certified arborists in Decatur and Atlanta is bacterial wetwood. Also referred to as slime flux and wetwood, bacterial wetwood has the appearance of weeping water coming from the tree’s trunk. If your tree is suffering from this disease, then you can benefit from contacting a tree service about treatment.

Wetwood is a bacterial disease that is characterized by a pungent odor that attracts flies, wasps, and ants, and it is commonly seen in stressed specimens of elm, oak, and maple. The bacteria cause a buildup of pressure as they multiply beneath the bark. Eventually, the bacteria are forced out through cracks in the bark, causing discoloration. In some cases, fluid leaks downward and pools at the tree’s base. If there are multiple affected areas at the tree’s base, the condition has persisted for years, or there is evident bark dieback, then this disease can become a serious problem that may require treatment from an ISA arborist.
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