• Spotlight on Annosus Root Rot

    Annosus root rot is a serious tree disease that affects southern pines and other common tree species. In this video, you will learn all about the signs and symptoms of annosus root rot. When a tree is affected by annosus root rot, its roots may start to develop a dangerous fungus. If you are worried […]

  • Spotting the Signs of 10 Common Tree Diseases

    Healthy trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape. If your yard’s trees are diseased and unhealthy, however, they can pose a safety threat to your loved ones and your home. A tree service company that offers tree removal in Decatur and Atlanta can help you to identify and remove diseased trees for your yard. […]

  • What Do Yellow Leaves in Summer Mean for My Trees?

    During the fall season, your tree’s leaves may develop gorgeous shades of red, orange, or yellow. However, if your tree develops yellow leaves before the start of fall, this discoloration could indicate disease or another type of growth problem. With services from a tree service company that offers tree removal in Decatur and Atlanta, you […]

  • Not Sure If You Need Emergency Tree Services? Here’s What to Watch For

    The trees in your backyard may look strong, sturdy, and ready to resist all types of weather conditions. However, if a tree develops a disease or structural issue, it could be at risk of falling. With services from an emergency tree service near Atlanta and Decatur , you will be able to schedule prompt tree […]

  • Staying Safe Around Your Trees After a Storm

    After a big storm hits your area, you may be in need of emergency tree removal in Decatur or Atlanta. This short video emphasizes the importance of hiring an ISA certified arborist to evaluate your trees in the aftermath of a major weather event. Your certified arborist can look for signs of damage on your […]

  • How to Protect Young Trees from Wind Damage

    A windstorm can cause significant damage to any new trees that you may have planted around your yard. To ensure that your young trees are not uprooted during the next big summer storm, consider working with an emergency tree service near Decatur and Atlanta to make sure that your trees are not in danger of […]

  • Georgia Trees: Which Ones Are in Your Yard?

    The state of Georgia is home to some of the most beautiful tree species in the country. When you schedule a tree service serving Decatur and Atlanta, you may want to ask your ISA certified arborist to help you identify some of the species that are in your yard. While identifying your trees will provide […]

  • Summer Pruning Tips for Your Cherry and Apricot Trees

    Proper tree pruning near Decatur and Atlanta helps keep your landscape features beautiful and safe, and it can encourage fruit growth in certain types of trees. With regular tree care, you can maintain a gorgeous yard full of healthy trees. Check out this video for some summer pruning tips for your cherry and apricot trees. […]

  • Are Your Trees in Danger of Falling?

    While trees provide shade and beauty to any yard, they can also pose a danger to your property if they are not structurally stable. A company that offers tree removal in Decatur and Atlanta can help you identify which of your trees are perfectly safe, and which ones may be candidates for tree removal services. […]

  • Understanding Insurance Benefits and Tree Removal

    Anyone who has experienced a significant storm may have seen trees that have fallen over due to the wind, rain, and lightning. Sometimes trees fall down because they’re diseased. Whether the elements or a lack of tree care near Decatur and Atlanta were behind the fall, significant damages can occur when a heavy branch breaks. […]