Atlanta Tree Services

Keep your family, property, and trees safe!

At AKA Tree Removal, we are proud to be your one stop solution for all your tree service needs. With nearly two decades of experience, we are an ISA certified company that you can count on for top-notch advice and reliable assistance you deserve. Our Atlanta tree removal professionals offer a variety of services to fit your particular needs.

We are proud to offer residents across Atlanta, Georgia the following services:

  • Tree removal service: Why do you need a certified arborist for this? Tree removal is extremely dangerous and should be handled by a professional. Our team specializes in zero-impact tree removal. We handle the whole process from traffic control to immaculate clean up, giving you a completely worry-free experience.
  • Trimming and pruning service: Periodic trimming and pruning ensures continual tree health and longevity. If you want your trees to look better and fit their location or you wish to reduce potential hazards, retain our trimming and pruning services. By turning to our certified arborists for help as opposed to taking a DIY approach, you can avoid injury and the possibility of ruining your trees.
  • Emergency storm service: We provide service around the clock, especially after a storm has passed. In the aftermath of a storm, you may need to assess the condition of your trees. We can tend to all kinds of damaged trees—from fallen trees to trees with broken branches and more! We have assisted thousands of clients throughout the years and are prepared to help you too.
  • Crane services: Our team works to help you with what are seemingly the most difficult tasks. We utilize both a 35-foot and a 75-foot crane in order to provide tree trimming services for even taller trees. This allows us to take care of your tree’s health, no matter how tall it is.

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To schedule whichever tree service you need done, do not hesitate to discuss your situation with a member of our team. You can contact us by calling (404) 713-4305! We would love to provide you with a free estimate today.

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